Charities the Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon has supported:

1969-1987               The Jinja Group
1988                        St Raphael’s Hospice
1989                        St Elizabeth’s Home for Epileptic & Handicapped Children
1990                        The Passage and Cardinal Hume Centre
1991                        Sue Ryder Home at Birchley Hall, Wigan
1992                        Bosco Society, Liverpool Salesian’s Charity for Young People
1993                        The Benevolent Society for the Relief of the Aged & Infïrm (1761)
1994                        The Guild of Our Lady of Ransom
1995                        Help the Hospices
1996                        Youth 2000
1997                        The Christian Council on Aging
1998                        Zoe’s Place, a Hospice for very sick Babies
1999                        The Catholic Central Library
2000                        The Bourne Trust
2001                        Eleison
2002                        The Clinic for Down’s Children
2003                        St Thomas Fund for the Homeless
2004                        The Armagh Venture and Glasgow Notre Dame Day Centre
2005                        The Cambridge Nazareth Trust & The Newman Holiday Trust
2006                        UK Cenacolo Community
2007                        The Medaille Trust & Rainbows International
2008                        Youth 2000
2009                        Franciscan Friars (London) & Loaves and Fishes Centre (Salford)
2010                        CAFOD – Connect2: RWANDA
2011                        Terra Sancta Education Trust
2012                        Maryvale Institute  
2013                    Catholic catechetical charities
2014                    Let the Children Live
2015                    Ten Ten Theatre
2016                    Grief to Grace


Fund raising has largely been an effort of the Committee and has included a book sale (1987), bridge days (1988-2002), race nights, coffee mornings and donations. We have never had to purchase a prize for the big yearly raffle as they have always been given by the Committee, their friends and business contacts.

Each year up to £2000 has been raised for good causes, all chosen by consensus from charities brought to our notice by Committee members.

We have kept the Luncheon prices down to attract a wide attendance, so that they only cover the Luncheon and necessary complimentary tickets. We are lucky that most of our speakers have donated their time and not charged for travel expenses. Without so much goodwill the intention of honouring the largely unsung heros of our Faith in today’s world could have been arduous; however it has largely been a responsibility full of fun, faith and companionship. We hope that the effort has given a message of hope and recognition to all those whose labours in the Lord’s vineyards seem insignificant and unnoticed. We do notice – respect for you is enormous.